September 2007

Trying to keep one step ahead of 23 Things, so checking out Digg on a leisurely Saturday at home. Have now got myself a login, and added it to my feed reader. That’s Google Reader, not Bloglines. (Talking of which, have just tried out Google Reader’s offline function; looks like it will be getting plenty of use when we go off on hols – I’ll be able to quickly download all my blog posts to read at my leisure, and so save myself a fortune in casual use charges at internet cafes).

I tried to install the Digg widget at Techapilla, but it isn’t a predefined widget and I don’t seem to have access to the WordPress source code as I do with Blogger. Never mind; that’ll do for another day.

UPDATE: I pretty quickly removed the Digg feed from my reader after waking up to 50+ new Digg articles overnight! And that was one of the smaller Digg feeds.


I think this 23 Things thing is starting to get on top of me a little bit. While I’m enjoying it, it’s getting harder to find the time to do all the things I’m supposed to; and next week is school holidays and I’ll be on leave much of the next 2 weeks.

Two new things to try every week is a little bit much, but luckily I’m already on top of RSS Feeds. I’ve long given up on my Bloglines account in favour of Google Reader. Dear GR is far, far better as you can scan much more quickly through the feeds, which are all mixed up one long scrolling display by date order; although you can change that order if you choose. It used to take me around an hour each morning to read my 56 subscriptions on Bloglines. I see I’ve now got 83 subscriptions in GR; which now takes me around 30 minutes to get through each morning. Long live GR!

With Bloglines you have to read one feed at a time and then click to move on to the next. Since I’ve heard that Bloglines has just implemented some new features, I scooted over there to check them out. But GR and I are just a match made in heaven, so doesn’t seem much chance of Bloglines and I making another go of it anytime soon.

OK, it’s Monday morning and I’ve got a busy week ahead; so rushing through my next 23 Things project just in case I don’t have time later.

So, Library Thing. Since I already have an account there with a couple of books, that’s half the task done already. Am a bit surprised that it seems quite cumbersome to add multiple books at once. Looks like you can import files, but what I’d much rather do is search by author and then tick off all the titles I want to add. Only looks like that can’t be done. Gotta be on a one-by-one basis. Pretty clumsy really.

The social aspects of Library Thing look pretty good. I like cozy mysteries, not an official LCSH; but I see that there are lots of books tagged with this. So definitely a good way for me to find new authors in this genre.

Here’s my very own customised image! Whoever would have guessed that Einstein would have given so much as a thought to lil ol’ Techapilla?
Free Image Hosting at

This image was generated at Hetemeel and is hosted at ImageShack. But just to prove that Techapilla is not a tech dunce and knows how to upload images to her very own blog, here’s another –

Free Image Hosting at

OK, that one was just Techapilla being sidetracked. Here’s the real Techapilla on this very blog –


OK, I did it! I joined a Flickr group and uploaded some photos. It wasn’t hard at all. What was hard was trying to remember to email myself some photos from home to work, trying to pick which ones to upload, then trying to crop them in my default paint program, Microsoft Paint. Giving up on that in disgust, groaning at the thought of opening Fireworks, which takes forever, then brightening at the thought of this little Snippy applet which I’ve just installed. Happily capturing the bits of the photos I want with Snippy, becoming aghast at the thought that I then need to open Paint again to copy and save my capture. Blithely joining a group, uploading the photos and sending them, taking a peek and becoming aghast once again at how small and dark my photos were. Sighing and thinking that I can’t be bothered to go back and do it all again properly in Fireworks.

But I did do the task successfully.

Online Education Database has ranked the top 25 librarian blogs based on numbers. There has been much discussion in the biblioblogosphere about these, a lot of it focusing on the methodology used for ranking and why this or that blog didn’t make the cut.

I regularly read at least 5 of the top 25, but there is certainly a bit more fodder here for me to look at.

Michael Arrington over at TechCrunch has written about the use of Google Earth to help in the search for missing adventurer, Steve Fossett.

There are already projects out there which rely on using idle time on individual computers to solve various scientific problems – see for instance World Community Grid. A nice, effortless and inexpensive way to contribute to the good of humanity. Projects such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, which Michael speaks about, are a social extension on this kind of thing.

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