I think this 23 Things thing is starting to get on top of me a little bit. While I’m enjoying it, it’s getting harder to find the time to do all the things I’m supposed to; and next week is school holidays and I’ll be on leave much of the next 2 weeks.

Two new things to try every week is a little bit much, but luckily I’m already on top of RSS Feeds. I’ve long given up on my Bloglines account in favour of Google Reader. Dear GR is far, far better as you can scan much more quickly through the feeds, which are all mixed up one long scrolling display by date order; although you can change that order if you choose. It used to take me around an hour each morning to read my 56 subscriptions on Bloglines. I see I’ve now got 83 subscriptions in GR; which now takes me around 30 minutes to get through each morning. Long live GR!

With Bloglines you have to read one feed at a time and then click to move on to the next. Since I’ve heard that Bloglines has just implemented some new features, I scooted over there to check them out. But GR and I are just a match made in heaven, so doesn’t seem much chance of Bloglines and I making another go of it anytime soon.