Trying to keep one step ahead of 23 Things, so checking out Digg on a leisurely Saturday at home. Have now got myself a login, and added it to my feed reader. That’s Google Reader, not Bloglines. (Talking of which, have just tried out Google Reader’s offline function; looks like it will be getting plenty of use when we go off on hols – I’ll be able to quickly download all my blog posts to read at my leisure, and so save myself a fortune in casual use charges at internet cafes).

I tried to install the Digg widget at Techapilla, but it isn’t a predefined widget and I don’t seem to have access to the WordPress source code as I do with Blogger. Never mind; that’ll do for another day.

UPDATE: I pretty quickly removed the Digg feed from my reader after waking up to 50+ new Digg articles overnight! And that was one of the smaller Digg feeds.