Gosh, there are some truly ugly MySpace pages out there. The Alexandian Public Library’s page made me feel as if I was at a nightclub (not that I’ve ever actually been to one!). Although, maybe that was the intention given that this page is aimed at teens. Picture me in the middle of the dance floor at that imaginary nightclub looking totally bewildered at what I should be doing and what was going on around me.

My comfort level clicked up a notch at the Clark County Public Library’s relatively staid site, but gotta say that some bewilderment was still there – how can it be that their librarian is an 18- year old female? Either an older somebody is trying to come across as young and hip, or somebody is truly a child prodigy. Thrown back into the pit at some other nameless library, with its garish pink psychedelic circles background; and wondering also why so many librarians – or is that their users – are so old? An astounding number of 80+ year old librarians and patrons seem to frequent MySpace.

OK, I know MySpace is aimed at teens, and I’m obviously showing my age by not fitting in here. But I came away from MySpace feeling distinctly uneasy. Some libraries are just trying too hard to woo those teens – why do librarians need to get emails or IMs about the “important things in your life”; I’m sure I’d love to hear all about our clients’ boy troubles and learn the best way to squeeze pimples. Not. A lack of trust seems to permeate the site, and duplicity actively encouraged. People obviously aren’t who they say they are, as their pictures and bios clearly show.

There are a few Deakin Uni MySpace sites out there, but none that appears to have any official affiliation with Deakin. Please keep it this way, Deakin!