Trying very hard here to keep up with the 23 Things. Anyway, latest task is Google Docs, which offers relatively basic word processing, spreadsheet and presentation apps. They are a bit slower and a little trickier to use than the standard Word applications; but I think the latter point just requires getting used to the different icons. The colours of the screens on my home computer are also a little hard to define; can’t really see the boxes, grids etc. very well. There may be some tweak I could make to my settings to improve that situation; but that can wait for another day.

Definitely these tools are a bit of a boon. Not quite as flexible as using software loaded on your own computer – what if you can’t log on to the Internet? But a great way to co-author documents with other people.

My test spreadsheet doc is here. Sorry it’s not the one I was supposed to create, but I didn’t think that would matter.