This week’s treat is Techapilla installed the Firefox extension back when it first came out. But the tagging icon, which is supposed to let users add new URLs wouldn’t behave, so Techapilla resorted to adding URLs to manually. Of course, this was more trouble than it was worth, so got metaphorically binned. And the Techapillian eyebrow has been oftentimes raised ever since, at hearing of yet another somebody singing the benefits of this troublesome software.

But Techapilla is always fair, and to prove it, gave another go. This time, the report is much more positive. The bug with the tagging feature has been fixed, so Techapilla can actually see some worth in this software now.

Some worth, that is. A bit. Not a lot. Techapilla doesn’t care much about websites per se. Except for work purposes, anyway. For everyday use, blogs are much more dynamic and interesting. And almost everything that can do in this respect, Google Reader can do so much better. probably is a little ahead in terms of social networking, but other than that, Techapilla is of the decided opinion that Google Reader comes up trumps in everything else.

It is always handy to be able to access your bookmarks when you’re idling time away on Stradbroke Island, far from your home computer. But even this feature of’s is easily replicated by carrying a version of Portable Firefox on a USB key. So Techapilla doesn’t need All the things Techapilla would wish it to do are already being well done by tools that Techapilla already uses anyway.