Nearing the end of 23 Things – up to the 21st thing already. And this one was quite an interesting one, although not in the way my treasured fans (yes, that’s you, dear reader) may expect.

Despite the title of this post, the 21st thing is principally about podcasting. But since podcasting is meaningless to someone with my particular suite of talents and traits – think about it! – I chose to concentrate on vodcasting instead.

Now, because of these special talents and traits of mine, I have a very specific requirement of any vodcasts. They must either be subtitled or have closed captions (drat, surely that doesn’t mean that Techapilla’s cover has been blown?).

Despite searching high and low for vodcasts which fit one of these requirements, the results were very sparse. None of the dedicated vodcast websites searched included any vodcasts meeting these requirements. There were a couple of mentions in Google of closed captioned vodcasts for academic purposes, and pursuing that trail further may have actually yielded a suitably captioned vodcast or two. But entertainment was the aim, so I didn’t bother.

I did discover that PBS’s NOVA ScienceNow includes captioned videos; and there is an RSS feed for the vodcasts also. Unfortunately, the videos linked to by the feed don’t include the caption options. And the captioned videos on the website – to cut a long story short – aren’t working for me.

Will give NOVA another try at work, in hopes of getting those captioned videos working. So there may be an update to this post early next week.

In the meantime, my preliminary conclusion about vodcasting is that it is too new a technology to have yet started providing much support in the way of captioned and subtitled vodcasts. So not much use to me at this point. Maybe that’ll come later; but if it does, one thing is a foregone conclusion – only a miniscle proportion of vodcasts will ever be captioned.

UPDATE: OK, the captions work at work. It appears that the captions only work under QuickTime, not Windows Media. But as far as NOVA ScienceNow goes, captioned vodcasting is a dud, as the vodcasts don’t include the captions and the feeds just include a direct link to the m4v files, not to the streaming video with the captioning options. So useless as far as captioning goes.