Well, Techapilla did it! He signed up and downloaded Second Life and got himself an avatar. OK, it didn’t last long. Ten minutes max. Took 10 times as long to download the thing and install and then download an update and install that.

And no, Techapilla didn’t like Second Life at all. Especially when he found himself out there in the Second Life public with no clothes on! Luckily, clothes suddenly appeared on the toned Techapilla bod after 5 minutes or so, just when he was about to run for his life out of shameful modesty.

Hmmmm. Don’t really have much to say about Second Life beyond that, and that it was clunky to play on my home computer. Images took ages to appear, and movement was jerky. So that’s a problem with my computer, not with Second Life itself. But I don’t think Techapilla will be back anytime soon. I admit Techapilla has a bit of a mental block about Second Life and just can’t understand what the attraction is.

Techapilla can’t help thinking that Second Life is a novelty that’ll wear off sometime in the not too distant future.

We will see. We will see …

UPDATE: Techapilla cancelled his Second Life membership in a hurry! Despite having a “free” account, Techapilla received a “billing failure” email. While there wasn’t any risk of Techapilla being cheated, as he hadn’t provided his credit details; and Techapilla is savvy enough anyway to detect phishing scams – and this wasn’t one of them – it is definitely unsettling to receive bills for something you think is free.