Since we were supposed to write a blog post about each of the 23 Things, I’ve gone back just to check I’ve written something about each thing. So this is a catchall post for all those Things I missed posting about. Since I’ve made 20 posts and there were 23 Things, I’ve obviously missed posting about at least 3 Things. Hmmm …

Back in Week 10, we were supposed to try out wikis and add a pic of our pet. Guess which one is Techapilla’s?

Back in Week 4, we were supposed to comment on other people’s blogs. Yep, done that. Even commented on my own.

Back in Week 11 … Week 11? Where’s Week 11? What was Week 11? Now Techapilla is curious. Was Week 11 inadvertently dropped? Advertently dropped? Deemed unsuitable for a scholarly academic library? Or was Week 11 more prosaically combined with another Week? (Techapilla may just have encountered one of the disadvantages of blogs – they provide a platform to ramble on about the most banal topics!)

OK, all done. Time to put 23 Things to bed. Not so sure about this blog. Time will tell.