… and will say it again. And again. Libraries don’t have to be all things to all people.

The latest library frivolity to raise the Techapillan eyebrow is … wait for it … recycling bins!

Not recycling of libraries’ waste. Not rebirthing or rebinding of books in disrepair. Not provision of bins for users to deposit their scrap paper. But provision of bins for users to bring along their own waste for recycling – plastics, mobile phones, corks, and even compact fluorescent bulb (surely rather dangerous, that last one, judging by their handling guidelines?).

Last time Techapilla looked, recycling was a municipal responsibility, at least in Oz, and libraries were experts in the provision and dissemination of information. Since when did libraries become tips, oops, sorry, recycling centres?

Strategies such as these, presumably implemented with the intention of making the library seem socially responsible, smack of overdone political correctness.