It was interesting to come across an old post from 3 years ago and realize how the social media environment has changed in such a short time.

Back then, the social media of choice for the Younger Techapillan was texting and instant messaging, with the occasional email; and for Techapilla, blogging, email and instant messaging. These days, the Younger Techapillan prefers to use texting, Skype and Facebook, including Facebook’s chat feature. Email has gone the way of the legendary dodo. Techapilla still clings desperately to email, messaging and blogging, but has added Facebook and Yammer into the mix. Twitter, I hear you ask? You gotta be dreaming!

There is still as great a reliance on social media as ever. It remains a lifesaver during long, long waits at appointments and the inevitable social isolation that comes with pediatric cancer.