We are on a journey;
We walk it on our own.
People all around us,
Yet we remain alone.

Our journey is a long one;
It goes for years and years.
The road is hard and bumpy,
And we shed many tears.

Our journey is not over;
It never will be done;
Once you start this journey,
It never can be done.

No one thinks they’ll make this trek;
What person ever should?
But life is full of things that
You never thought you would.

Our journey is a sad one,
Yet with lots of laughs and smiles.
When you know that life is precious,
You make each inch last miles.

The simple things like cuddles;
The fiery, brotherly spat;
The normal grind of daily life;
We now so appreciate that.

Hands reach out to help us,
To make the way seem light.
But the road ahead is long
And continues day and night.

Just looking at your dear one,
And just knowing he is here.
If only there was something
That would take away that fear.

The fear that’s ever present
So you cannot sleep at night.
The fear that makes you tremble
So you have to hold him tight.

The cancer that invades him;
That cancer we so hate.
We pray to God to heal him,
To make cancer ‘vaporate.

This journey we are walking
On this long and lonely track
Is a lifetime journey
From which we can’t go back.